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Meditation for Healing Trauma? Natural Health

Does meditation help us with trauma and healing? The short answer is kind of, but not often. The reason that I say that is what most people call meditation and your ability to go into more meditative states is dependent on the wiring of your subtle body. 

Meditation is not purely a mind thing because we’re not thinking. That’s what I think people don’t even stop to think about. meditation calms the mind, but it calms the mind because it’s touching in with the values or the energy channels. It’s focusing your layers of your Subtle Body in order to be more harmonized. 

The reason that we feel refreshed is that we are more integrated when we’re trying to settle the mind or focus the mind so that it’s not interfering with the rest of the Subtle Body. It’s not often that meditation helps your trauma. It’s true that spiritual practice in general, ultimately everything will be brought to the surface and healed in your own process towards oneness with the one, but it is along process. It might take you a couple of lifetimes. 

What I’ve seen and I’ve been a part of different spiritual communities and traditions ad qi gong and yoga and I’ve really had been blessed to be in the company of spiritual masters of different traditions and also had mentors who were therapists and worked in that way. I’ve seen the different sides that people can approach this from.

What tends to be more true is that trauma work ends up supporting and helping to go deeper in your meditation. Because if you have a block in your Subtle Body, it’s going to be very difficult to go into any deeper states of meditation without a super deep dive.

The exception to that is doing pretty intensive spiritual practices that most people are not really set up to do. Like doing a deep dive, 10 day silent retreat, working with a qualified teacher one-on-one, meditating for long periods at a time over a series of days. For most modern people that aren’t in a monastic tradition, that’s really harder to do.

In my experience using Subtle Body techniques is the way to start to heal your Subtle Body. So then low to moderate meditative types will be able to function better and lead you into that deeper way more organically.

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