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Energy Vampires: How to deal with them as an Empath

How do you deal with energy qi vampires?

If you’re a sensitive person, empath or healer, you probably noticed that it can be tricky working with other people and you might have a tendency to take on other people’s energy. 

Here are practical steps you can take to clear your field and to not pick up energy that’s not yours and to really stop doing it right away. 

It’s become a really practical, fun thing to say “good vibes only”. You see it on tee shirts. But what does that actually mean?

When we think about the realm of space clearing, there’s three large bubbles and those are too big to really talk about in this blog. We teach a lot about this in our Subtle Body Certification at the Body Wisdom Academy, but we’re going to zone in on just one of them. 

The three big bubbles are the general “be in line with the energy of the universe” – this is things like feng shui and your daily routine and how you align with the bio rhythms of your day, with nature and the human body.

Then there’s the energy between people. That’s we’re going to talk about today. And then there’s “how does the non-physical realm of energy work? What’s happening if I’ve got something stuck in my field?” or things like that. 

What we’re going to talk about today is this realm of the energy between people and when we’re talking about the way that energy works between people, there’s two main aspects:

       1. The first one is the technical energetic. So how do our subtle body systems function and in ways that sometimes get us a little intertwined or picking up other people’s stuff. 

       2. And then the other (also equal and very important aspect) is what I call Energetic Communication. We teach a model that has taken concepts like nonviolent communication we think is very good and integrated systems of communication with a deeper level, energetic understanding so that we can really have clear relationships with other people and not take on their crap. 

The Technical Energetic Level

The three things that you need to know about are:

One, your Solar Plexus. Your Solar Plexus is the area where your ribs come together. This is the part of our body that energetically is really sensitive to other people’s energy. 

If you have someone that just feels draining every time you’re with the, or you are a practitioner and you’re working with other people, the number one practical thing to do is actually to rest your hand over your Solar Plexus or gently massage that area. 

Just being aware of that will help you stay in cheesy bubble as it were and not overemphasize or get wrapped up with other people’s issues that are going on. 

The 50% Line

Number two is it’s important to hold what we call and teach the 50% line. Not just energetically but also in self-responsibility because where the mind goes, the qi or the energy flows. If we’re not clear on what’s my responsibility, you’re naturally going to end up energetically taking on other people’s stuff as well. 

So we’ve gotta be clear on your 50% line. 

The Microcosmic Orbit

The last thing to stay in your bubble is to use a qi going exercise that is quite well known and from ancient Chinese medicine in qigong or energy exercises called the Microcosmic Orbit.

There’s many different purposes! It builds your qi or your mind body connection system by using visualization and your focus at the same time as seeing things in your body. It’s also helpful to really establish what’s you and what’s someone else.

If you catch yourself in a pattern where you are over caring for other people or you’re trying to fix things for other people or you feel really bad for other people, but then later on you feel like you’re really drained or taking on other people’s burdens, likely you don’t have as strong of a connection with this central circuit that I want to describe.

The Microcosmic Orbit is a pathway in the body. It’s energetic, not physical, and it starts at the perineum, which is at the base of the torso.

For women, it’s the spot just at the back of the vaginal opening before the anus and for men it’s just right behind the testicles. This is the main aspect of our physical body.

You just imagine with your eyes closed a point or a ball of white light. Then as you inhale, you visualize that that point or that ball of white light comes up the spine towards the top of the head and circles back. As you exhale starts to come down the front of the body, over the nose and face and hear you gently rest the tongue on the roof of the mouth to connect that area of the body energetically and physically.

You trace that ball down over the front of the body, over the belly, over the public bone, back to that original spot. So inhaling, notice that ball of white light come up to the top of the head. Exhaling coming down the front of the body. And ideally you want to practice this exercise – one inhale coming up to the top of the head, one exhale coming down. 

At first, this might be a little bit difficult, so feel free to take small, many breaths coming up and many breaths going down until you can feel like it’s more continuous. You’ll also notice that when you start to do this, it might feel a little difficult or you might notice that that seems like that ball of light wants to jump over certain areas in your body. That could just be an indication that the energy isn’t flowing super well. Remember that adage of “where the mind goes, the qi flows”? If the chi is not flowing somewhere, it’s going to be harder for the mind to go there. But practicing this exercise over time will help strengthen your physical energetic system in a way that helps you stay in your 50% bubble and not taking on other people’s things. 

So the three techniques that we talked about today were:

          1. Noticing your Solar Plexus as a place where we can over-give or over-connect with other people’s energy. There’s lots of specific how to’s that we teach in some of our trainings or what to do when, what shows up, when to get rid of those things. 

         2. And then we have to really understand what’s our 50% line. Not just energetically, but also mentally to make sure we’re not over-giving or over-fixing other people that can drain our energy. 

         3. And then we can use this exercise of the Microcosmic Orbit to physically stay within ourselves more and boost our qi system. 

Any time our internal system is strong, it really helps to naturally fortify our boundaries because we are filled up from the inside. There’s a lot of new agey-ness and various types of energy medicine that always talk about putting yourself in blue light and having a good barrier. 

 I think those things are okay but ancient Chinese medicine really tells us that when the channels are full, there’s no risk of things getting in from the outside. I prefer to take this approach. I think it’s one that’s not coming from a fear based place of worrying, of what’s going to attack us. It brings us back to this spiritually balanced place of nourishing ourselves to naturally take up our space. We don’t have to worry so much about what’s coming in from the outside. 

You are a soul with a body and you deserve great things! -L

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health or counseling services.  No practitioner-patient relationship is established and the training content is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and nothing here is intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disorders.

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