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How to Deal with Transitions in Life? Empath’s Guide

Hey there. Leslie here coming to you from my new empty echoey office amid a bunch of boxes to talk about transition.

We have just moved and bought our first home and there’s lots of excitement and wonderful challenges and I’ve gotten hit upside the head sometimes forgetting that I am in transition.

That’s what we’re talking about in this video.
What are some key tips to really navigate transitions in a way that keeps us connected to ourselves and what really aligns with our soul direction?
Let’s dive in.

1. Remind yourself that you're in transition⁣⁣

Now, this might seem silly, but this is the one that has been most important for me that I’ve forgotten the most is just one, remind yourself that you’re in transition.

There have been so many moments where I’ve just sort of had this moment out of the blue. I’ve been thinking…why is stuff so hard right now? Or agh, why am I really tired?

Forgetting that this is actually a transition time. So making this mind shift at the beginning, going into things is going to feel a little weird. Things are going to feel off.

Try saying to yourself: I’m challenged with a lot of new things at this moment. Just making that mind shift will give your Protector System and the inner parts of your mind that try to keep you safe and regulated  some hints that it’s not that something is terribly wrong.

It’s just that you’re in transition. So this mind shift alone has been really helpful for me to remember just to come back to myself and to really normalize what is a tricky process.

2. Create "outer" Anchor⁣⁣

These can be things that you know really help you come back to your center.
I highly recommend the outer anchors of people, your sort of Dharma friends, your close soul tribe that you really align with, those close friends, check in with them more often.

Plan ahead of time to have these touchpoints of outer things that are still the same, whether that is food or routine, your outer routine that nailed down in a transition as much as you can, can be helpful.

The last key is an Inner World Technique.

Here we want to create the inner anchors for your inner world.
This can be things like, what is your spiritual routine and connection?

Now is the time to really do those spiritual routines like it’s your freaking job because having that inner anchor really aligns, do one with what the true reality of this life game that we’re playing actually is and pulls you back into yourself and your alignment with what is. 

Again, here are the 3 key tips to really navigate transitions in a way that keeps us connected to ourselves and what really aligns with our soul direction:⁣⁣
1. Remind yourself that you’re in transition⁣⁣
2. Create “outer” anchor⁣⁣
3. Create “inner” anchor⁣⁣
So we’ve covered our tips, inner world tips and bringing those together and just remembering that transition kind of sucks. It’s a challenge to the system and just like anything else, challenge creates a stimulus to the system to rise to a new occasion, keep our adaptability and that in itself helps us grow and change. ⁣

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