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How to Embody Yin Energy?

Any person, no matter if you are a man or a woman, regardless of your sexual orientation, has a combination of masculine and feminine or Yin and Yang energy.

It’s not about gender.

What it is about is how you present and how you balance out with your partner in a relationship.

How to really embody your Yin or your Yang self really makes a huge difference in not just how you attract your ideal partner, but how you enjoy life and how you deal with health issues and stress. Learning how to embody that type of energy can make a huge difference in your overall satisfaction with life.

In this post, we’re answering the question that we got from one of our community members that said:

"Leslie, how do I really embody this Yin energy more?"


So how do we embody our Yin type selves?

In this particular scenario, we’re usually talking about women who have discovered, whether it’s through the process of our Body Wisdom Academy training, or you’ve discovered that maybe you are a person in a female body, that you really are fulfilled by being your Yin self, but yet you recognize that you’ve actually been acting a little bit more in your Yang side out in the world.

The questions that we are going to answer in this are:

  • What are things that I can do to practice embodying this Yin energy?
  • Is being in the Yin energy where feel fulfilled?

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1. Embodying Your Yin Self

You need to learn how to make a conscious transition into your Yin mode.

All women or men are their Yang selves out in the world, especially if you are working out in the world—we’re doing. We’re being. We’re making decisions. We’re telling other people what to do. That’s normal.

So when you come home, it’s good to transition out of that Yang self and be into your Yin mode self.

This can be true nowadays, if you’re working from home and it’s a pandemic, you might have to do this more consciously and you might even feel a little bit silly, like, “Oh, I’m just leaving one room and going into another room”, but the transition is still important.

What I want you to do is create a conscious transition where you say to yourself out loud or to your partner or a person in the house, “I’m leaving work mode. I’m going into Yin mode.”

Then, you spend some time going into your room or your space. Maybe you take a shower. Water is also good for cleansing or changing your state.

Other things you can do to transition into Yin mode:

  • Change your clothes
  • Put on some music
  • Essential oils
  • Read something that feels inspiring
  • Dance and move around (movement can be a really helpful reset)

What you’re doing is you’re creating a signal for all parts of yourself that you are leaving Yang mode and you’re transitioning more into your Yin mode.

This will help cultivate and create more space to be in your Yin mode.

That’s number one—create a conscious Yin transition state.

2. Mindfulness

What I want you to ask yourself at several, maybe random points during the day is:What am I feeling?”

You could use a Mindfulness Bell app. You could put different posts and notes around your house with the question of “what am I feeling?” 

This is a question that is important to ask because as a Yin person, we often get cut off from our Yin state, which has a lot to do with emotions.

What happens is because we get in our “doing” state and our Mind state, we get separated out from what we’re actually feeling, and that will build up. Whether you know it or not, you might start to just lash out, be angry or be a little cranky because you’ve been cut off from what you’re actually feeling.

A healthy embodied Yin person is much more in touch with how she is feeling at any given moment. Train yourself to start asking and doing a quick little check-in. 

You might even notice that you’re still actually a little upset from a thing that happened yesterday.

Getting in touch with your inner world will really help cultivate more of your Yin healthy state.

Step number three is asking yourself the question at any given moment, “What would be the most fun right now for me? What would feel the most fun right now?”, especially during the times where you’re moving towards your next task, or you’re wondering what to do now during your day, small or large things.

Whatever comes up is the thing that I want you to do.

Obviously, we all have lots of priorities and we have to get things done, but I assure you that if you can start practicing this a little bit more than you’re comfortable with, you will really see great gains in how you’re embodying your Yin self, and probably in your daily happiness.

This has been true for me because this was a hard one that I really struggled with. Fun? I got stuff to do. I can’t do fun. Fun is only for the weekends or whatever sort of Mind thing you might have.

One thing you can do is you can change this question a little bit and you can even make it a little bit more extreme. You can ask yourself the question, “what would feel the most frivolous and fun right now?”

Sometimes we have to put in that word frivolous so that we can get around our Mind aspect and allow ourselves to do the thing that would really feel joyful, would really feel fun, would really feel exciting, maybe even indulgent, and actually do that because most of the time, it’s not going to feel harmful for you.

You’ll still be able to get the other stuff done. The amount of freedom, flow and fun that you get from doing that thing that your inner self has shown you would feel really fun in that moment will give you loads of benefit and start to help with your Yin radiance even more.

To summarize, three tips for embodying your feminine, Yin self more:

  1. Creating a conscious transition into your Yin mode by creating that time and space.
  2. Asking the question, “What am I feeling?”, being more in touch with your feelings so that you’re training yourself to check in and dust things off before that dust builds up and you’re acting out.
  3. “What would feel most fun and frivolous right now?”

These things can make a huge shift in the antenna that you are sending out into the world to attract that positive, Yang energy, attracting the right people and partners.

You are a soul with a body and you deserve great things!

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health or counseling services.  No practitioner-patient relationship is established and the training content is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and nothing here is intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disorders.

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