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How to know if someone is energetically ‘In their power’

“What is happening energetically when someone is in their power versus someone who’s really not in their power, but acting as if they are like puffing up their feathers?”

It’s a little bit hard to define because, in our power is a little bit of a new agey phrase. Oh, am I in my power or not? But there is an energetic basis for this. What I would say is that there’s several things happening. Someone who’s really in their power, I would say they are soul aligned and grounded energetically. So that means, one, that they’re in their body. Their energy is within and grounded in their system. They’re not sort of floating or just what I would call from the neck up. And so they’re in touch with all of their systems somatically at that same time and able to really speak and listen. That doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be. Someone can be in that aligned, grounded place and still be harsh or be a little bit angry, but it’s coming from a different place.

There are 3 real markers that we look for on the path of self mastery:

  • The ability to be in touch with ourselves internally, monitoring ourselves internally.
  • then from there being able to also regulate. So if I get thrown off, I’m able to recenter myself and come back. 
  •  And that allows us on this third leg of the triangle to actually be present with other people, even when difficult emotions are being present. So the ability to communicate. 

They’re not energetically grounded. And so they’re often reacting to things that aren’t really there in the moment. So one they’re not able to really get in touch with on the inside- what’s going on in the inside. Therefore they’re not able to regulate themselves and sort of come back to center and three, then they’re not able to actually hear and listen to another person. So that’s kind of what’s going on the energetic side. What you’ll see when someone is not really in their power is on the surface, they might feel very assured and speak words like they’re really confident in them, but you’ll notice that they’ll tend to be more reactive. They’ll tend to have more bravado. That’s the, as you so wonderfully put it, that’s the puffing up feathers, kind of a feeling. There also tend to be more accusations, inability to listen to someone else or looping kind of a mind story without able to take in the new information that’s coming up in the moment. 

For example, like someone’s upset, there was something that happened and someone then presents new information to them about how- what they thought before wasn’t true. If the person is not really in their power, kind of not really grounded, they won’t actually be able to like get it and adapt and go forward in a different way. So I hope that helps for your answer. 

Sending you lots of love for your happy soul aligned life. You are a soul with a body and your path can reflect that. See you next time.

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