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How to use tuning forks

How to Use Tuning Forks – Natural Health

This morning while I was not super awake, I essentially did a medium crush of my finger opening my closet door. It wasn’t super hard, it was medium, but I felt it. I’m not saying this is the right thing for all things, but I put a little bit of frankincense essential oil on there. It helps to essentially move the blood in Chinese medicine. 

Get your blood flowing

When we have an injury, especially a crush type of injury, the body brings a lot of healing, clot-making type of energy. The problem is that that also creates bruising and swelling. But if we do a little bit more moving, it will help to minimize that while still keeping the healing effects.

Remember To Breathe

So right away I did some strong breathing to try and move the chi out the fingers. I did some pulling down on those channels out the meridians. After I dropped some frankincense oil on there and kind of let that sit. I’ve been massaging it and then because I had oil on my fingers and you can’t do a lot of stuff with that, I used one of my tuning forks.

Acupuncture Points Really Work

I picked up my 64 hertz tuning fork, and at first I was sort of just going over that area, experimenting. I’ve never used them in this way before. But as I was doing it at first, it got super hot in my finger. Sort of having the vibration kind of moving it there and also out in a downward kind of sweeping direction… It helped a little bit to clear it.

But what really helped was using a little striker and setting it right on those spots. At first it was a little bit painful to do, but as I continued over a couple minutes just kind of setting it on these, what I know to be acupuncture points, the really strong points are at the corner of the nail bed.

So I did a lot on that nail bed as well as any acupuncture points, essentially on any points that were tender. It’s still a little tender, kind of in the center of the nail bed and setting it on these points seem to really be helping.

I’m hoping to avoid getting a lot of damage to the nail bed and having the nail get all gross and fall off, which seems like a little bit of a traumatic thing to go through. So we’ll see what happens. I’ve been doing a little bit on the other finger. So that’s just a little idea of things you can do.

Alternative Healing Methods

Other things that I might do for smaller injuries: If had a little internal injury, arnica helps with bruising in any kind of trauma. If I have any arnica gel topically, I will put it on just for any kind of injury. And if there were a cut, I really like using some Herbal Savvy, which has myrrh in it as well, which are all good for injuries and things like that. I’ll leave links to those below. 

So, lots of things you can do for home injuries, like crushing your finger in the closet door. Just need a little bit of experimenting. I don’t know that this 64 hertz is the best one, but these are on a more biological kind of level and it’s felt quite good, at least for reducing any pain or tenderness. 

Stay Positive!

I’ve been doing this for about five, ten minutes before I started this blog. So it’s not feeling tender anymore when I press it, where at first it did feel tender, so at least it’s helping with the pain and moving. I think it’s probably putting positive, positive energy in the healing bucket. Hope that helps and hope you and all of your digits are healthy and moving freely.

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