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What’s The Body’s Job? Spiritual Truth

The body has a consciousness of its own. And a lot of people, especially those of us who are interested in natural health and healing, kind of have a sense of this. Every once in a while I’ll get someone and they’re like, “What do you want me to talk about with my body?”  And not just the body, but even the organs in different parts of the body also have surprisingly different consciousness. This I’ve discovered actually in clinical practices that surprise me. You should have a conversation with someone’s ovaries. They are sassy.

All About Protection

And I would say if I had to define the body’s job, number one would be that the body is here to protect us and to manifest our unconscious needs.

This is powerful because if we take this to heart, we can reverse engineer and create a new line of communication with our body. One of the basic things for healing is how our bodies and our conscious minds communicate with each other. This can really switch our relationship with our body. I challenge you to test this out in your own life.

Reverse Your Thinking

If we think about turning a little bit against our average cultural sort of thing, it’s like, “Eh, just this body, most people are just dragging it around, it gives me trouble, doesn’t work right…” The way that we think about these things needs to be reversed.

Practitioners often want to know about like different meridian systems and what parts get stuck in different ways. It is true that different emotions tend to be stored in different ways. There’s some great people over the past 20 years who have done a lot of work on this, including Louise Hay and Deb Shapiro, “Your Body Speaks Your Mind”. It’s interesting to see the correlation of people over time, but I’ve learned a lot from both of those women’s work and it’s really informed mine. 

Befriend Your Body

Whenever something comes up from your body, whether it’s a pain or a sensation or a thought or you’re tuning into… always use the words, ‘thank you!’ Whether it’s a sore ankle, a weird pain, or a really good feeling… start to entrain yourself and rewire. People in the neuroscience including Dr. Joe Desa say Neurons that fire together, wire together.

Show More Gratitude

I really appreciate that because if we begin to think of our body as a somewhat separate entity to ourselves, then we can start to move into, ‘I need to cultivate a relationship with this person just like I would anyone else.‘ If you had a friend that you hung out with and you never talk to them, or every time they try to say something, you kind of ignored them… It’s pretty straightforward that you’re not gonna have a good relationship with them. And we notice this in our own life too, whether it’s our partners or other, we get in kind of a rut. But when we turn the corner and say, “Oh, I’m showing a little more gratitude!” This greases the wheel and it’s the very same with your body. This is one gift that I want you to start practicing with and see what you notice.

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