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4 Signs of Dissociation in Empaths

Are you actually in your body right now? Is it possible that you might actually have a tendency to leave your body and dissociate without even knowing?

There are ways that we full-on disassociate in terms of traumatic events but what people don’t realize is folks who are sensitive tend to be either micro-disassociating in many different ways and often not even know it.

So what are some signs that dissociation is happening?

1. Not In Touch with Your Body

You notice that you can’t really get in touch with your body. This is tricky because the average person, generally, isn’t very in touch with their body to begin with. But most folks who are on this sensitivity spectrum can usually feel into their body.

What I mean by that is bringing your mind and your awareness to touch base. You might be visualizing that part of your body or having a sensation or awareness of it almost as if from the inside out. That’s what I mean when I say get in touch with.

But when you’re sort of out of yourself, you become a little bit more of the watcher versus the feeler. You’ll start to notice that you’re sort of watching yourself a little bit more or you’re aware and you can see your body but you can’t really get in touch with it.

Going from watcher down into feeler. If you’re not able to actually feel into and connect with the body, you’re probably not really in your body fully. 

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2. Not In Touch with your Emotions

In a similar way, you also tend to feel a little numb emotionally. This can happen for a couple of reasons. Sometimes it can be because of our “protector system” (part of our nervous system and the part of us that tries to keep us safe from trauma and past hurts that have happened) will wall things off and not be able to get in touch with them.

It can also be a sign that you are not really in your body. You’re a little disassociated when you just feel numb, you can’t actually feel the feelings.

This happened with clients. When they talk about something that’s actually quite disturbing, something that’s very difficult emotionally that has happened, they explain it in a way that is super detached.

Remember, disassociation is a protection mechanism so your body in a good way is separating you out so you don’t have to feel it.

The problem is when we’re doing healing work, we have to be aligned and in touch with it. That doesn’t mean that we have to reprocess it or rethink it like is sometimes done in desensitization and different types of therapy.

We don’t have to do that but we do have to be in our body to help all of the levels align and actually release something.

So if you’re feeling numb or sometimes you might even notice a change in your voice where you’re (what I would call) sidestepping—you’re saying the words but it’s coming from a more hollow place, or it’s a different sort of maybe even professional tone of voice, but it’s not really landing. There’s something in there that’s a little bit hollow because you’re not with yourself. 

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3. No Memory of an Event Happening

You might be not in your body if you lack memory of a certain time or event.

There have been studies that show a large, somewhat scary percentage of us, for different parts of when we’re driving, tend to not quite be with ourselves. It’s amazing that the car ferries get us to where we are going!

If you’ve ever done something or gone through something, and then you can’t really remember how it went or what steps you took to go there is a sign that you weren’t quite with yourself.

We all might do this to certain low degrees when we’re in a monotonous type of state or staring out the window but it also happens when we’re a little bit disassociated or not with ourselves. So what does that mean? Is zoning out a sign of dissociation? Sometimes we can’t pay enough attention to anything that is happening around. This is another sign that should be noted. 

I’ve had clients who say that they don’t really remember much from when they were a kid. It could have been because there was a lot of trauma happening. It wasn’t even safe to be in the body. The memory will often be affected.

4. Feeling Floaty or Distracted

Another key sign that you are not in your body is a sense of physically floating or feeling a little fuzzy or distracted or hard to really follow.

I’ll notice this with clients sometimes when we’re doing healing and part of themselves have a strong, protective response and they just drop off mid-sentence or I ask a question and there’s just silence because the protector system has come in and pushed them out because it got too close to something that may have been protected or painful.

Feeling a little foggy or a little floaty (that could be different for different people), feeling a little nauseous on the inside, or other physical symptoms coming up is the body’s protective way to try and keep you safe.

I’ve talked about in one of my videos why it’s important to stay in the body, but the long and short of it is that your mind-body system has different layers and part of dissociation is those layers get a little distance in between each other. That’s a protective mechanism.

The problem is that your physical body needs your qi body and your mind-body system fully aligned together to function optimally. This is important.

It’s okay to notice that we might have to disassociate as a coping mechanism but ultimately in the path of healing and the path of self-mastery, we need to work with the inner parts of the self.

We need to do Subtle Body work with all parts of the mind-body system so that we can come to that place where it is safe to be in the body. This will build what I call Subtle Body tolerance—your ability to experience different emotions or states or other people going through different emotions while still staying in your body yourself.

In summary:

  1. Not in touch with your body
  2. Not in touch with your emotions
  3. No memory of an event happening
  4. Physically feeling floaty or distracted

Implement these steps and see how it goes in your life. I’m here for support if you need it.

Your soul development is important. You have a purpose. You deserve great things!

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