Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

BWA Individual Subtle Body Coaching​

Before and After Session Videos-These are supplemental videos and are NOT the only focus of your time with your coach. Your coach will adjust the focus of the session based on your individual needs and what needs to be worked on. We provide these videos so that you have access to the skills for reference.

***Please note that these videos are re-purposed from a former program. As noted in marketing materials and the agreement, there is not a Leslie session in this 5 session coaching package. All sessions are with your personal coach.

The way to have personal access to Leslie is through the Body Wisdom Academy and the Coach Training.

Before Session 1:
After Session 1:
Before Session 2:
After Session 2:
Before Session 3:
After Session 3:
Before Session 4:
After Session 4:
Before Session 5:

Qi Alignment Exercises - Use this Anytime

Energy Practice - The Microcosmic Orbit

The Microcosmic Orbit meditation is a practice that comes from eastern medicine and qigong. Doing this practice over time helps to heal and build vitality in the subtle body.

This is an optional practice you can use as a part of your SBS Program and your coach may even recommend it for you in specific situations.

This practice is always beneficial, so you can't go wrong in practicing.

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Body Pendulum

In this module, you will learn:

How to prepare for exercise

Step 1: Getting a baseline

Step 2: Rechecking

Step 3: Asking the question

Helpful Apps

Intro To Tapping Points

Points to Tap On



This video is the same one that occurs earlier in the course but it's an important practice so we're including it here again.

Even at times when it may seem to be too complicated to tap on different body points, tapping all the fingers together and using the "setup phrase" is very effective:

"EVENTHOUGH ______(list challenges or complaints or irrational thoughts)_________________________, I DEEPLY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF ANYWAYS."


Holistic Health Coach

"I had tried therapy for over 10 years with no huge life-changing results...​

I finally, for the first time, feel free from life long issues that were holding me back."​

Christine Nguyen​

"Leslie is a true healer ... no one else can do what she does."​


"Leslie is amazing. She has helped me with several issues. During my sessions with her I felt as though the molecules of my cells were being transformed.

She has a great deal of knowledge about various healing modalities. She has a gentle and welcoming presence.

I have often referred my own clients to her. She has a special and intuitive gift. "

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