Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

Cell Renewal – Your Body Wants You to Change

Ever felt like you need a cosmic do-over?

The truth, is that your body is helping you to do just that.  Your cells are constantly changing and renewing. 

You are LITERALLY not the same set of molecules you were even days and moments ago.

Check out this handy chart from bionumbers.org.

Often when we feel like it’s impossible or super difficult to change, it’s actually a combination of CHOICE , WILLINGNESS and ENERGETIC BLOCKS.

Sometimes, we just haven’t really gotten to the point where we’re willing to make a CHOICE to do things differently to get the results we want. 

Sometimes we’ve made the CHOICE, but from there we need to be WILLING to CHOOSE and CHOOSE AGAIN, when we slip up or fall down.  

And sometimes, we’re doing our best, but have ENERGETIC BLOCKS, unconscious patterns that are sabotaging our progress. 

THIS is the most frustrating and is my area of expertise. 

When it comes to ENERGETIC BLOCKS, you need the help and reflection of others, and ideally, someone trained in how to  1) Uncover the blocks  and most importantly
2) Help you dissolve them rather than just try and work around them (which doesn’t generally work long term.)

So this New Year, I challenge you to set your sites on what you’re truly wanting to experience in your life, and to lay out the choices you need to get there. 

I’m here to support you and so is your biology!!

"You are LITERALLY not the same set of molecules you were even days and moments ago."

Here’s another article from The Daily Mail on your cells and organs renewing themselves. 

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