Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

Dissociation in Empaths

Now when I thought about making a blog about this, I thought, “Oh, I could do three signs that you’re leaving your body” but in my experience, people know when they’re leaving your body.

If this is weird for you, you’re probably not leaving your body.

Most sensitive people are people who have been through difficult or traumatic events. They actually know that this is happening.

You’ll feel like you’re kind of leaving your body or you feel a little more floaty or it’s harder to feel things in your body. These are all signs that you tend to jump out of your body. That’s okay and it’s an okay coping mechanism.

What I want to stress to you from a healing point of view is that it’s actually important to stay in your body. It’s an understandable coping mechanism for what you’ve been through, but it actually does make a difference.

The reason is that the way your subtle body is set up is that your physical body needs all of your energetic body, which is the part that starts to jump out in an integrated with your body in order to function well.

It’s like imagining that you had a light bulb and the electricity is your energy body and all parts of your set of body being connected that actually light up the light bulb and help it function.

When the light is lit up, that means that you can do things in the room and you can see things, but when your energy sort of starts to get a little bit out, the bulb gets a little bit more dim and so your physical body can’t really function as optimally.

That’s part of why it is important for health. I’ve found that people who tend to really be out of their body most of the time also tend to have things like anemia and fatigue. They’re just not integrated.

I’m going to teach you one technique that you can use right now to start to reprogram and stay in your body.

When you feel nervous or upset or something is happening that seems a little bit upsetting, I want you to actually say the phrase out loud because it makes a difference to your brain when you’re saying things out loud versus just thinking them in your mind. It’s a subtle body technique.

Say the words, “Body, this is a safe place to be and I choose this”. 

Whenever you feel a little nervous or upset or feel like you’re getting a little floaty, you just take a deep breath and say out loud, even gently to yourself, “Body, this is a safe place to be and I choose this”.

This is the energetic safety phrase that I teach people at the beginning of my self-mastery programs and working with your energetic body because this is the way that the language of the body tells the system to come back to the center.

I often hear people developing their psychic ability or talking about doing astral travel and actually trying to get out of your body. And I would say that I don’t recommend that to you.

While it is possible when you are separated out or in the Astro plane cruising around, you’re actually vulnerable to any sorts of energies that are out there and it can actually create real problems in your personal and spiritual growth. So I don’t recommend astral travel, especially if you’re a sensitive person and if you know that you tend to leave your body.

You are here currently incarnated in a physical body. It’s important to actually be all the way in so that you can actually accomplish things and live in the way that you’re meant to live.

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