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How To Feel Peace Even With Challenges | Empath’s Guide

Life, work and especially other people that we work with can often make life, seem like it is a living hell.

It’s true. Sometimes people are a$h*les…and sometimes (at least for a period of time) we are trapped in relationships or situations. We’re stuck with them in a certain environment until we can make a change.

This blog isn’t about getting out of those bad situations (we definitely address that elsewhere! Today, we’re discussing the question…is¬†there any way to make a bad situation better?

Also, what we’re going to talk about in this blog post is how are we actually, sometimes, without even knowing it, secretly making the situation way worse than it actually is. Here, you will get an idea about how to feel peace even with challenges.

1. Challenges vs Suffering

I’m wanting to get more, a little more technical with you here because we’re getting down to this tricky area of what is actually happening when we are facing a difficult situation that involves other people.

We know on the personal spiritual growth path¬†that we shouldn’t be victims, that we’re, you know (new-age cliches aside), creating our own reality.

But when it comes to the moment when $h!+ really hits the fan and you’ve got people at work who are up in your face, people, friends, or coworkers who seem to be criticizing you, I know you feel overwhelmed. It feels like people are attacking you and sometimes they are!¬†

There are things that are happening, not just on the surface, but actually sometimes unbeknownst to us, things that are happening in our inner world that are actually part of the real problem.

So our job is to really get free from those. I want you to think about what would it be like to sometimes stay in the same crappy situation, but actually feel unaffected and joyful on the inside.

That’s what we’re going to walk you through below…

¬†I’ve thought about different titles for this blog post,¬†essentially we could call this Challenges versus Suffering. Because challenges do not have to equal suffering! Read on!

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2. Don't let your mind make tough situations unbearable

In every situation, there are these two aspects:

There is what’s actually happening in the outer world and we notice that this is categorized by objective observer like – if we could pull a couple of five different people off of the street, they would all have similar sort of descriptions of what’s happening to you, which would not be as personalized because they’re just watching them.¬†

And verifiable words and actions, what actually was said, what actually happened.

¬†So that’s sort of what’s happening in the outer world. And then what most of us and where we really are getting tripped up, where we really are suffering is what the mind is making up and beating us over the head with.

3. Start to notice where are these thoughts and perspectives coming from

Life is not without challenges, but what we’re getting as we build discernment and wisdom here is what’s the difference between a challenge, which is just like a little blip that comes up.

It’s not fun. There’s challenges in life. There’s things that we don’t like.
So at the level of preference, or it’s a little difficult, or it’s a little challenging or yeah, some things are easy and some things are not easy and fun.¬†

So all of those things are challenges. And we acknowledge that, that those happen in life, no embodied human goes through life, only having puppies and rainbows, but there’s a difference between challenges coming up and suffering, which has to do with everything about how the mind takes it, about how it feels, about the angst and the activation that comes up in our body.

So what I want you to hear is that where we’re headed is that when you get down to the real source.

When you deal with this mind errors and things that are creating Velcro that this outer world stuff is sticking to and causing you to suffer and your mind is making stories about, when you actually take the subtle body steps and actually get down there to get rid of the inherent mind error that’s underneath, you will actually get to the place where you feel some version of “I’m okay no matter what.”

Having inner, peaceful, spaciousness, and knowingness of who and what you actually are while you’re still dealing with sometimes challenges that come up in everyday life is possible! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and got your answer for the question How to feel peace in life! Also, challenges vs suffering are overwhelming that need a clear mind to understand and follow the right path to find peace.

If you did, leave a comment below, what was the thing that surprised you the most, or maybe that was the most challenging from this post?

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I am on a mission to help people really get free of the mind stories and crap that are trapped in their body so that you can actually live the life that you are meant to live.

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