Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

BWA Shamanic Clearing Referral

STEP 1. Watch this brief introduction from Leslie:

A Brief description of shamanic clearings from Leslie and the BWA team:

Sometimes, when doing BWA work, Leslie or the coaches find that there’s issues going on in your field that may need some support at an astral behind-the-scenes level.  A clearing will help clear out interferences like energy that’s not yours, generational issues and some kinds of held trauma so that you can more easily progress and go deeper with your Subtle Body work in BWA. 
Please note that the nature of a clearing is different than Subtle Body work. You don’t really “do” anything in receiving this work. The practitioner will do a kind of tuning in and assessment of your field at a distance and do the work that way.  
 You may feel noticeable relief after the clearing has been done, or you may feel some mood swings and tiredness–there’s a whole spectrum of normal after a clearing based on your sensitivity and experiences. We encourage you to discuss your experiences with Amanda.

STEP 2. Schedule Your Astral Clearing Session :

This is for CURRENT BWA CLIENTS ONLY: Non-BWA clients go to https://guardianones.com/ for Amanda’s offerings. 
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       3. Access your clearing protocol mini-course immediately.  Sit tight: Amanda will reach out to you when your clearing is complete regarding your next steps. Keep an eye out for her e-mail/text.
**Please note: You will be asked to log in to your gmail account to fill out the form. If you do not have a gmail, you will need to reach out to Support@thebodywisdomacademy.com to manually answer. 

Meet Amanda Woodward, Your Energy Clearing Guide

Amanda assists people in clearing their energetic body and space, growing awareness, and healing from trauma- allowing for more ease in life and the release of old patterns. She came to her current path via the scenic route, as so often happens in life!


She graduated with a B.A. in Art History and minor in Communications from UC Davis, before unexpectedly going on to work as a model and actress. This career was ended abruptly by an accident that also served to reopen intuitive abilities that she had worked with as a child.


In 2015, she began learning energy healing and clearing modalities through Tom and Yolanda Mayes of Integrated Equine Therapies, and from the horses themselves- whom she credits as her first and most powerful teachers. She studied Animal Communication with Marta Williams, which led to her applying all the mediumship and healing work that she had learned from animals to human clients. She became certified as a level 3 Master Reiki practitioner in 2017 but realized on the first day of study that horses had already taught her “Reiki” years prior.


Her experience with clearing energies from animals, people, and spaces grew in real time as she was called on from 2017 onward to sit as guardian in ancestral ceremonies, and to be a carrier of healing and clearing songs.  In 2020 she learned a Remote Spirit Release Protocol developed by Tena M Dodds and Karen A Baquiran, certified RSR practitioners and teachers under the late Dr. Terence Palmer. 


Today, Amanda is a graduate of Level 1 Foundations course through the Body Wisdom Academy, and works to combine energetic healing and clearing with gentle trauma release tools, as well as mentorship to empower her clients to know that they can heal themselves. She calls the combination of these practices “Recalibration” and is deeply grateful that the scenic route has led here!