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Stop Spiritual Bypassing | Dangers of New Age Spirituality

In this article, you will read about the blocks and problems of new age spiritual path and what I call ” it’s all good” new age-y spiritual bypass.

The good and bad in new age spirituality

So in the realm of what I would call new age spirituality, there are many good things. Often it’s the place that people go after they’re starting to recover from church PTSD. Maybe you grew up going to church, or maybe you didn’t really have a religious tradition. You’ve sort of found the new age-y vibe of spirituality, which is sort of about believing that things happen for a reason, doing manifestation work, using positive affirmations, visualization and positive thinking. These things are all helpful, but there is a dark side to new-age spirituality. The problem is that, it’s not really all good. There are some real dark sides of being a human is difficult. Doing self-development takes acknowledging our shadow and sometimes digging through the crap to actually get through the light. You might be making this new age-y spiritual bypass mistake, and it’s not totally your fault.

If you feel and notice the signs of real danger or a version of anything that seems too negative, you might say the words, “Oh, it feels like it’s dragging me down or it’s too negative,” but maybe you also might be just avoiding the shadow side of things. And like I said, it’s not your fault.

There’s not a whole lot of structure and guidance on how or where to develop your spiritual path. If you’re not part of maybe an organized system in either Eastern or Western religious traditions. But the truth is on the spiritual path, just like everywhere else in life is that we must judge by results. And what I see over and over again is the kind of hodgepodge-y sort of area of new-age spirituality that might give you some positive things, but it also creates some really big blind spots and it will really limit your results over time.

"We must judge by results"

I’ve seen this over and over again where on the surface, people say that they’re very spiritual or that they’re really focusing on abundance, but yet they can’t even balance their checkbook and they’re kind of an asshole when they get into a conflict situation. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you must judge by results. And if you want to really go deeper in your spiritual path, you may need to look at some things where you may have been getting stuck in a new age-y spiritual bypass. I know this was certainly the case for me. In my early twenties, I was in acupuncture school. I had already graduated. I was a practitioner. I was helping other people with these outward things and living my best efforts at a spiritual life. And yet I still had some major blind spots in places where I wasn’t in integrity. So I know what this is like. 

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You are a soul with a body and I’m wishing you great things.

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