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Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person | Guide For Empaths

My friend Mimi reached out to me on Instagram and she said, “Leslie, I finally come to realize that I am an energy sensitive person. What can I do? Please point me in the right direction for how to manage that and even go further and really embrace it”.

Good question. You are not alone. 

We’re going to talk about four things you need to know to thrive as an energetically sensitive person. 

It's Not Me, It's You

Number one, I call it, “It’s not me, It’s you”

The first thing to realize when you are an energy sensitive person is that society is not really made up to support you and that’s okay, but if you can come to realize on the inside that it’s not you, it’s them, things will get a whole lot smoother.

One of the ways that you can do this is to think about different professions. You don’t call the airplane pilot when you need someone to cook you a gourmet meal and don’t call someone who’s great at gardening when you need a spiritual counselor.  

So just like every different personal orientation and archetype has gifts and challenges. Being a highly sensitive person has gifts and challenges. The thing is that society wants people to be sensitive. We want people who are counselors who can feel the vibe of other people, who can be great customer service, people who can do any profession and also feel and understand what’s happening with other people on a subtle level.

But sometimes, and often, society doesn’t support the flip side of that coin. People who are able to do those things also need to process things more emotionally. We can’t just get over it and we have less of a tolerance for noisy and kind of stimulation-type of environments than other people do.

Partly it’s learning how to stand up for yourself and partly is just to know and honor that you are not crazy, that your gifts just have challenged that go along with them. Part of really becoming a sensitive person “Ninja” is really honoring those things in yourself. 
Anger management isn’t an easy task. Here is an article on anger management as a guide for empaths. 

You Have Subtle Body Issues

Number two is to know and recognize that if you’re highly sensitive person, likely you’ve  got Subtle Body issues. 

The Subtle Body, very briefly, is a combination of how your physical body, your energetic body or your Meridian system, your thinking, conscious mind and unconscious mind fit together. 

A lot of people talk about the mind-body-spirit connection, but there’s not a lot of explanation as to how that actually works. This is part of my genius and what I really teach people in a very practical way.

The thing to know if you’re an energetically sensitive person is that likely there are some issues that need healed in your Subtle Body. The signs that this is happening are if your tolerance is very low, if you take on other people’s energy and you can’t get rid of it for days, if you really get overwhelmed easily in large groups.

Like I said, a lot of those things are natural for highly sensitive people, but if you find that it’s extremely difficult and it’s getting in the way of you functioning in the world and you’re not able to recognize or you’re not able to regulate yourself on a regular basis, that’s a flag!

The first thing that I want you to know is that it can be healed, so don’t feel like, “Oh, my subtle body is damaged. What will I do?”

 It’s just a part of yourself that you need to heal and there’s exercises. Things like qi gong can be very helpful, and I teach people a specific process, especially in my 30 days to a more grounded you audio program that will start to heal your Subtle Body. 

Dealing With Energy That's Not Yours

The thing that you need to understand is how to deal with energy that’s not yours. 

Highly sensitive people are often picking up other people’s energy. You feel something weird and then maybe in yourself you kind of make stories about it and you’re like feeling icky and kind of gross for a couple of days.

There are lots of ways to first recognize that you’re taking on other people’s stuff too, that you might be making up stories about it and how to stop that. Learn the energetic ways to clear your space. 

The easiest thing that I recommend you do right now is to use some Sage burning. Sage or smudging is a traditional practice, especially in native American traditions, to clear out the space. The herb of Sage really helps to clear the air. There’s even been modern research that it helps with bacteria and viruses on a subtle level and just bad, icky stuff. So if you feel like you just went to a place where you felt like people energetically glommed all over you, energy vampires abound, come home and do some Saging. I have a blog post about how to use Sage.

It’s a real easy thing to do. Sage costs anywhere from $5 to $10 depending on how much you’re purchasing. Have a beautiful copper and old mug with a sand or dried rice or dried beans to snuff it out in when it’s done. Always be careful of fire hazards and just allow that smoke. You can sort of waft it over you with your hand and with your intention, really thinking that you are releasing any energy that’s not yours. 

Energetic Communication

And number four, the thing that you need to do thrive as an energy sensitive person is to learn the secrets of energetic communication. I have yet, myself included, to meet some energy sensitive person that did not struggle with communication. Likely you might have trouble saying no, you might feel weird about communicating your needs. There’s lots of things that can happen. 

A great place to start is communication styles like nonviolent communication. I teach something I call Energetic Communication that goes a bit deeper, that starts to take in and incorporate the ancient understanding of how energy works and people’s different energy constitutions.

The thing that I want to teach you today is just the first step—to give yourself space in the moment. If I were making up a new rule for you, I would say I want you to practice and play around with the rule of not saying yes or no in the moment. If someone asks you something for your time,

“Oh, can you do this?”

“Hey Leslie, can you help me with that?”

“Hey, could you do this tomorrow?”

“Do you care if we do this in the moment?”

Instead of saying that gut “Oh sure” when really you mean “hell no”.

Give yourself what I would call a “prayerful pause”. It’s not because you’re necessarily praying. I would recommend bringing your hands in front of you. 

One, because you’re kinesthetically creating some stimulation for the body. You’re also creating some physical barrier in front of yourself, between you and the other person. If you’re taking on their energy or you’re over in their field, you’re gonna create a little bit of a pattern break and you just use the template.

“Gosh, thanks for asking. I need to think about that for a minute”

“Thanks for asking. I need to get back to about that.”

Giving your space in the moment as an energy sensitive person will give you that space to then go home or take a little few steps aside or just to kind of be in your own energy to then ask your body and feel into what is actually true for you in the moment.

This will help you start to not get so sucked into other things that you don’t want to do and give yourself time to resource yourself to come back with whatever your actual needs are. 

So those are four things you need to do to thrive as an energy sensitive person. I promise you, you can live and awesome bold life as a highly sensitive person as you get these skills. I am sending you so much love!

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health or counseling services.  No practitioner-patient relationship is established and the training content is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and nothing here is intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disorders.

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