Client Success Sharing

Holistic Nutritionist

5:30 Breakthrough with depression

8:30 I was able to heal my self worthiness wound by being seen and vulnerable in the group

11:30 Realization with relationships

12:54 I was able to find and create the career path that I had always wanted

14:30 I understand what my emotional needs are now

17:25 Even with a nutritional training, I was still anxious and had issues with diet. Even if I ate the healthiest diet, I still had emotional wounds that needed to be healed

21:37 There is so much pressure to do certain things or act a certain way but using the tools from the Body Wisdom Academy helps remind you that you are your own person. It allows you to put yourself first without being too proud or boastful

23:16 My biggest worry was is this going to work. I was living the yogic life, meditating, eating vegan and doing everything I thought was right to have balance in my life

28:44 I was able to find the tools to understand where my feelings of unworthiness came from and how I don't need to be afraid of them

Life Coach

00:51 I was in a place where I wanted to feel like I was living in alignment with my heart. Something was keeping my stuck. I didn’t know what steps to take to move forward

02:13 I had been to retreats and tried other personal growth methods. Those things always jolt me forward in the moment but didn’t really give me the long standing practical day to day tools that I could do every single day to bring me back to alignment

03:56 I wasn't really in touch with my body and my heart. My heart is now my guide

04:22 I can make difficult decisions that support my heart

04:39 I am able to be more present and open with others. I see things in a whole new light. It is more than anything I could have imagined or expected

05:36 I had a breakthrough with a work relationship

10:15 the most important thing for me has been developing a sense of commitment to myself

10:40 Scheduling my time to make this a priority has been so important and so worth it

10:55 I have a value for pouring into myself now that I never had before. And it has paid off in my life in so many amazing ways in only 10 weeks

12:05 the changes have been so wonderful. Even when they aren’t easy changes

13:05 This isn’t a good fit if you really aren’t willing to make the commitment to yourself and do the work

13:43 This is an engaging process to look at your inner world and work through things. Let it be messy and be okay with that

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