Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

My Teachers

I am so grateful for my teachers and their teachers before them. Laying out this diagram was something I'd felt called to do for a while now and the process of putting it together was very meaningful to me.
As we progress on our personal and spiritual paths, we are standing on the shoulders of those that have come before us.
I've been so blessed to learn from many great teachers and instructors, not all of whom can be mentioned here. Below are my main influences and the work that has affected me the most and influenced my way and work in the world.
Personal Oath from Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

I dedicate my life to serving the One and to helping alleviate suffering in myself and others. I promise to follow the ways of ancient wisdom, to live in harmony with nature and to teach others to do the same.
I strive to maintain a clear mind and to hold myself to the highest standards of love, respect and honor.
I endeavour to meet others’ grief and suffering with empathy and compassion, knowing these also in myself.
I promise to perform my professional responsibilities carefully, thoughtfully and to the best of my ability and will refer clients to other providers when their needs require different services or levels of care.
I affirm that interconnectedness and relationship is all there is and choose the way of the Heart informed by cultivated discernment of the Mind.
It’s my deepest wish that my work, life and presence be a pathway and tool for true happiness.

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